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Weight Management Help For The Festive Season on 16 November 2019 at 13:00

Limited to 25 spaces

25 space(s) still available

3 Hour Workshop

Want to enjoy yourself going into the festive season but don't want to regret it come the new year? It's not just Christmas Day that we over-indulge these days, but there tends to be multiple socials and Christmas meals and parties. For many people, gone are the days of one Christmas do.

Then there's the festive snacks and treats that are everywhere!

Head into the New Year with a head start with simple and easy tips to stay in control of eating habits, without feeling like you can't have a good time.

Or maybe, like many people do at this time of year, you struggle with anxiety and eat to fill emotional needs.

Learn how to be conscious and mindful when it comes to decision making on when and what to eat and drink

Learn how to break addictive patterns and cycles and be more self aware, which is the start of being healthier and feeling better.

In this workshop we'll guide you through tips and education and give you plenty of time to make notes and work out what will help you, in a supportive, lighthearted and non-judgemental space.

Please contact Nicole on 07900005952, or at nicole@leaveyouregosatthedoor.co.uk to find out more or to book in for this workshop.
Please be sure you have read our terms and conditions before booking.